WWSD?…New year, new shows…starting with “Her Baby”…Aired 12/18/2013

It’s a new year and I have a bunch of hot topics. 

“Her Baby” is a show about a scenario in which a man finds out that he has fathered a child in a previous relationship/situation while he is in a new relationship.

This topic is discussed by your Host (Saran Almond), Jon Mack who provides our male perspective and LaTasha McIlwaine of Insightful Options, PLLC provides expertise relationship advice.

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WHAT WOULD she DO? is a talk show about life, love, and relationships produced and hosted by Saran Almond. If you have questions, we have answers from our opinionated and inquisitive Host Saran Almond, along with responses from real people, relationship experts, and Co-Hosts. This show is sure to make you laugh, cry and look forward to knowing “WHAT WOULD she DO?”

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