Saran is a multi-faceted TV Host who is personable, relatable and fun to watch.  As a producer she is effective in telling stories and addressing topics and issues that range from controversial to entertainment.  Her acting ability makes it easy to apply improvisation techniques that allow her to think on her toes.  Saran asks the tough questions, and gets the answers, while she engages and moderates informative conversations.  Guests, colleagues and the viewing audience agree that Saran is relatable, funny, and easy to talk to.  Saran is inquisitive and opinionated, warm yet stern, a leader and a team player whose empathetic nature allows her to express compassion to all those she encounters.

Saran has been recognized in publications, and earned numerous awards, grants and cash prizes for her work as a producer and short form Filmmaker.  In 2013, Saran received her first award for producing ‘WHAT WOULD she DO?’ Charlotte Mecklenburg Public Access Channel awarded Saran for Best Informational/Educational Field Program.  In 2015, she won again for the Best Informational/Educational Program.  Saran is passionate about helping people make informed decisions. With each show Saran’s goal is for her viewers to walk away with more information than they had prior to watching the show; and perhaps an understanding of a different perspective.

When Saran first produced ‘WHAT WOULD she DO?” in 2012, the intent of the show was to inspire people to love themselves past the pain of relationships gone wrong.  While the intention to inspire and encourage remains, Saran would also like to lead her audience down a path of enlightenment.  Through this show Saran presents her audience with options through the sharing of different life experiences and information to help bring people to a place of mutual respect and understanding.

Saran  holds a BA in Communications and is certified in Digital Film and Video Production.

Saran is a devoted mother, daughter, sister, aunt and friend. Originally from Brooklyn, NY she now resides in Charlotte, NC.

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