The Show

The goal of ‘WHAT WOULD she DO?’ is to provide HONESTY to those that have been deceived, ENCOURAGEMENT to the hopeless, MOTIVATION to the defeated, GUIDANCE to those seeking it, OPTIONS to those who feel they have no choice, and INFORMATION to those that need it.

WHAT WOULD she DO? is a show about life, love, and relationships. Life is a never ending lesson through which love is gained and love is lost.  The relationships we build and break during this journey of life aid in teaching life lessons as we are the sum of our experiences. This show offers insight on what people think, how they feel, how different people respond to similar scenarios and enlightening conversation.  Through this show our viewers will see and hear from people who share their same questions, concerns, and very similar experiences.  We address topics that range from dating to pet care to homelessness.  ‘WHAT WOULD she DO?’ provides responses from real people, a rotating panel inclusive of co-hosts, subject matter experts and often male insight…this show is sure to make you think, laugh, cry and look forward to knowing, if she were YOU… “WHAT WOULD she DO?”

Catch current and past episodes on YouTube Channel: WHATWOULDSHEDOtheshow

Follow the show on Twitter: @WWsD_theshow

Follow the show on Instagram: @whatwouldshedotheshow

Follow Saran on Twitter/Instagram: @justforsaran


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