#BringingSexyBack to your relationship TIPS

Before you break up, get fed up and/or head for the door…
Check out these TIPS to #bringingsexyback to your relationship.

1. Kiss longer…turn a 2 second kiss into a 10 second kiss
2. Touch each other… often and for no reason at all
3. Send random texts…naughty and/or nice
4. Start your day planning your night…TEASE and FLIRT with each other
5. Prepare for your partner…change your mood on the way home (music)
6. Wear sexy under garments…to help you feel sexy throughout the day
7. Set the mood before you see your partner…What makes you think about him/her?
8. Keep having fun…laugh, play, joke with your partner
9. Remember why you fell in love…tell him/her that you would choose him/her again
10. Make time for yourself…relax, release, reflect
11. Try new and different things…in all areas of the relationship…use your imagination
12. Never stop dating each other…the way you got him/her is the way you keep him/her
13. Spend quality time together…enjoy each other’s company doing nothing or anything
14. Tell him/her what he/she is doing right…positive reinforcement gets results
15. Don’t forget the simple things…watch TV together, lay together, cuddle
16. Make life easier…take on a chore/task that your partner is usually responsible for
17. Take a trip together…de-stress, relax
18. Surprise your partner…small gifts, notes or compliments may be just what he/she needs
19. Don’t keep secrets…Show and tell…be open and honest
20. Talk to each other…Communication is key to a sexy relationship


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