Tonight on “WHAT WOULD she DO?”…The “other” woman

“WHAT WOULD she DO?” airs tonight at 10:30pm on Channel 21 (in Charlotte, NC)…youtube links will post shortly after on YouTube Channel: WHATWOULDSHEDOtheshow 

The other woman
(Saran Almond, my mother’s floral arrangement, LaNay Parker, Camille DeVoe)

‘The “other” woman’ installment of “WHAT WOULD she DO?” gives us a glimpse into the mind of a woman that thinks it’s ok to sleep with or start a relationship with a man that is married or in a relationship.

This topic is discussed by Saran Almond (Host), Camille DeVoe (Co-Host) and LaNay Parker (Relationship Advisor).

You can follow the show on twitter @WWsD_theshow

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WHAT WOULD she DO? is a talk show about life, love, and relationships produced and hosted by Saran Almond. If you have questions, we have answers from our opinionated and inquisitive Host Saran Almond, along with responses from real people, relationship experts, and Co-Hosts. This show is sure to make you laugh, cry and look forward to knowing “WHAT WOULD she DO?”

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