Tonight on “WHAT WOULD she DO?”…The “other” woman

“WHAT WOULD she DO?” airs tonight at 10:30pm on Channel 21 (in Charlotte, NC)…youtube links will post shortly after on YouTube Channel: WHATWOULDSHEDOtheshow 

The other woman
(Saran Almond, my mother’s floral arrangement, LaNay Parker, Camille DeVoe)

‘The “other” woman’ installment of “WHAT WOULD she DO?” gives us a glimpse into the mind of a woman that thinks it’s ok to sleep with or start a relationship with a man that is married or in a relationship.

This topic is discussed by Saran Almond (Host), Camille DeVoe (Co-Host) and LaNay Parker (Relationship Advisor).

You can follow the show on twitter @WWsD_theshow


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