I am MORE than: My wheelchair…Dating with a Disability.

On set with Monique Stamps and Ronald Zaconet.  Lovely interview.
On set with Monique Stamps and Ronald Zaconet.

Dating is often advertised as two young people who meet eachother, like eachother, fight for their love and live happily ever after. We’ve seen this since we were children in almost every Disney movie, on television and movies in general. But we all know that you don’t have to be young to date or even like the other person for that matter. The recent surge of reality television has proved just that. Amidst the rumors and applause, love lost and love found, the weddings and divorces, there’s an entire population that we have failed to include, at the minimum, in the conversation… and that is the disabled.

‘WHAT WOULD she DO?” started a quarterly dating series entitled “I am MORE than.” In this installment, I AM MORE THAN: MY WHEELCHAIR, we discuss dating with a disability, specifically spinal cord injuries. In conversation with a friend (who happens to use a wheelchair) we discussed some of the perceptions people have of people who utilize wheelchairs. I wondered, why are we not including the disabled in conversations regarding dating and relationships. We all love and feel the same way…disabled or not. When discussing dating and being in a wheelchair, I asked able bodied people if they would date someone in a wheelchair, why and why not. I ask people in wheelchairs that same question. You may be surprised by the answers. I had the opportunity to speak with some wonderful women about how their disability has affected their dating life OR has it? Tune in this Friday, November 19th at 10:30pm on Channel 21 (Time Warner, Charlotte NC) or via YouTube Channel: WHATWOULDSHEDOtheshow to hear what these ladies had to to say.

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On Friday, October 19, 2012…I remember feeling relieved, happy, nervous, uncertain and overwhelmed.  I was determined to make the night a GREAT night.  I went grocery shopping and cooked in preparation for my BIG night.  By this time I had been working on ‘WHAT WOULD she DO?’ for months and my show was coming on TONIGHT (at 10:30pm to be exact).  I wanted everything to be just right.  I wanted to share whatever this experience was going to be with my family.  I was panged with emotions ranging from excitement to uncertainty.  I hadn’t done anything of this sort EVER, hadn’t been on TV in years…what if no one likes it?

The food was ready and it was SHOWTIME.  I could barely stand to watch it, I refilled drinks, dished out seconds and in the small glimpses I could stand…I criticized everything (I won’t get specific…in case you missed it), for a moment I think I stopped breathing.  That was the longest and shortest 29 minutes of my life.  My phone was going crazy…text messages and calls.  The overwhelming response was Great!  It did exactly what I hoped it would…started conversations, offered varying perspectives…it made people think.  I was happy to see what I had worked so hard for become my reality.  As I readied myself to “woosah,”  my new reality hit…I was a Producer and a Talk Show Host.

Today, October 18, 2013 is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!  Once again, one of my many thoughts is “WHAT’s NEXT?”  As I am at this milestone in my life it’s amazing to look back on this journey and feel grateful that I made it through.  It wasn’t easy but certainly worth it.  From inception to date, I am proud that this chapter will be one of the greats in my book of life.  Looking forward, I am now excited by the uncertainty.  I want to take this opportunity to Thank my family and friends who have supported, encouraged and uplifted me along the way.  My son, who is my MOTIVATION.  My mother, who is my TRUTH.  My sisters, who are my RESTORATION.  My friends, who are my SOUNDING BOARD.  My team, who is my SUPPORT.  God, who is my SAVIOR.

Thank you cannot express my undying gratitude for your support and well wishes. Thank you ALL!

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