I am MORE than: My wheelchair…Dating with a Disability.

On set with Monique Stamps and Ronald Zaconet.  Lovely interview.
On set with Monique Stamps and Ronald Zaconet.

Dating is often advertised as two young people who meet eachother, like eachother, fight for their love and live happily ever after. We’ve seen this since we were children in almost every Disney movie, on television and movies in general. But we all know that you don’t have to be young to date or even like the other person for that matter. The recent surge of reality television has proved just that. Amidst the rumors and applause, love lost and love found, the weddings and divorces, there’s an entire population that we have failed to include, at the minimum, in the conversation… and that is the disabled.

‘WHAT WOULD she DO?” started a quarterly dating series entitled “I am MORE than.” In this installment, I AM MORE THAN: MY WHEELCHAIR, we discuss dating with a disability, specifically spinal cord injuries. In conversation with a friend (who happens to use a wheelchair) we discussed some of the perceptions people have of people who utilize wheelchairs. I wondered, why are we not including the disabled in conversations regarding dating and relationships. We all love and feel the same way…disabled or not. When discussing dating and being in a wheelchair, I asked able bodied people if they would date someone in a wheelchair, why and why not. I ask people in wheelchairs that same question. You may be surprised by the answers. I had the opportunity to speak with some wonderful women about how their disability has affected their dating life OR has it? Tune in this Friday, November 19th at 10:30pm on Channel 21 (Time Warner, Charlotte NC) or via YouTube Channel: WHATWOULDSHEDOtheshow to hear what these ladies had to to say.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

For Resources available to those who utilize wheelchairs please visit our “Resources” tab on the Menu.

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4 Replies to “I am MORE than: My wheelchair…Dating with a Disability.”

  1. I think we’ve evolved into this overly PC society that is too afraid to discuss important issues. I’ll tell you why I wouldn’t date a man in a wheelchair: I feel like I’m not allowed to ask about his sexual capabilities and that’s a big issue for me. I want babies. I want sex. I don’t really care if his legs move during it, so long as it can happen. But I’m not allowed to ask that.

    1. Hi Belle of the Library,

      I Agree. We have become a society that is overly PC, however, when it comes to the topic of dating someone in a wheelchair I’ve found that the people I spoke with prefer honesty and they welcome and are open to questions. I think misconceptions and perhaps buying into what is “PC” is what breaks down the lines of communication. I’m sure if you were interested in guy in a wheelchair, he would welcome the “sex” conversation.

      1. Well, part of it is my profession, personally. Libraries are a VERY PC place, but I’ll definitely keep that in mind. I don’t think it would bother me to date someone in a wheelchair, as long as he enjoys life to the best of his ability.

      2. That’s awesome! An open mind can open you up to a world of opportunities, new experiences and quite possibly a wonderful romance. Check out the Dating with a Disability episode and my previous shows on my YouTube Channel: WHATWOULDSHEDOtheshow
        Twitter @WWsD_theshow

        Thanks for commenting!

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