What I Learned From The Black Business Expo


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When I found out about the 2018 Queen City Black Business Expo, I was very eager to get involved and share this experience you.  At first sight there were rows of tables adorned with marketing material, sample products, gifts, and candy…all surrounded by people who want to know about a particular service or product. The hum of conversations, questions, and transactions filled the air as black business owners proudly shared their labors of love.  This event was just as important for black consumers as it was for the business owners who find themselves missing options, brands, and products that are made for them.  Going in, the goal was to celebrate, promote, and support black entrepreneurship.  Coming out of this event, I left with some pointers that you may apply to your own business or aspirations of entrepreneurship.

The first questions I asked were: WHO ARE YOU? & WHAT DO YOU DO?

While the answers to these questions will always vary from business owner to business owner the way in which these questions are answered is the same.  Your response to this question should be:

  1. CLEAR

When it comes to entrepreneurship there are a lot of things we can do on our own; however, it is important to seek help when you need it.  There are tons of resources from the Small Business Association to  the Central Piedmont Community College Small Business Center here in Charlotte, NC to help you get started and keep you encouraged along your way to entrepreneurship.  Note: Many of these services are offered at no cost.

While life’s timing isn’t always perfect and priorities change, it’s important to stay focused on your goals.  I asked entrepreneurs to finish this phrase, IF I KNEW THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW… Surprisingly to me, most of them responded that they would have started sooner.  I am a firm believer that no matter what road you travel in life, detoured or not you will inevitably reach your destiny.  So if your road leads you to entrepreneurship, why not start now?  Why wait?

I was most inspired by the child entrepreneurs who created Candles By Kids These children were an example of what our community needs…more black entrepreneurs.  Encouraged by their father, the Moody twins and Alyssa-Ann Warren have created a brand and a work ethic that will keep them on the road to success.  I’ve always felt that education begins at home.  What our school systems fail to teach should definitely be taught at home.  Specifically, entrepreneurship.  For a lot of our children entrepreneurship isn’t ever presented as a option.  We learn to get an education, and get a job.  There is nothing wrong with that thought; however, the key to financial freedom, and ownership of your time and money is ENTREPRENEURSHIP.  If you aren’t already, let’s trying teaching our children that.

On the road to business success we learn many things, and none rang truer to me than hearing an entrepreneur finish this phrase as follows: THE KEY TO BUSINESS SUCCESS IS…consistency.   The moral of the story is this…you can’t invest part-time effort and expect full-time results.  Do what you say you’re going to do, when you say you’re going to do it.  CONSISTENCY is key…and CUSTOMER SERVICE is a must.

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