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It is said that knowledge is Power so therefore in order to acquire knowledge you have to get the information.

In finding my Purpose I know that I am here to encourage, inspire, and uplift people and communities by Providing information.  Recently, I received some very encouraging words from a couple of viewers thanking me for doing my show and encouraging me to keep going.

Sometimes we all need a little Push to get us back on track.  That’s what those comments did for me so I started Praying.  Then I started Planning.  I vowed to stay Positive and be not only consistent but Persistent when things get difficult.

I often find myself very busy and feeling like there isn’t enough time.  Does that happen to you? Well there’s a big difference between being busy and being Productive.  I was stagnant making no Progress.  I needed to take a step backwards in order to move two steps forward.  Now through my Planning, I’m acquiring information, and learning with understanding so that I can Position myself as a “Changemaker.”

With this knowledge I definitely have the POWER to…make a difference.

Psalms 82:3-4


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WHAT WOULD she DO? is a talk show about life, love, and relationships produced and hosted by Saran Almond. If you have questions, we have answers from our opinionated and inquisitive Host Saran Almond, along with responses from real people, relationship experts, and Co-Hosts. This show is sure to make you laugh, cry and look forward to knowing “WHAT WOULD she DO?”

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