The POWER of


It is said that knowledge is Power so therefore in order to acquire knowledge you have to get the information.

In finding my Purpose I know that I am here to encourage, inspire, and uplift people and communities by Providing information.  Recently, I received some very encouraging words from a couple of viewers thanking me for doing my show and encouraging me to keep going.

Sometimes we all need a little Push to get us back on track.  That’s what those comments did for me so I started Praying.  Then I started Planning.  I vowed to stay Positive and be not only consistent but Persistent when things get difficult.

I often find myself very busy and feeling like there isn’t enough time.  Does that happen to you? Well there’s a big difference between being busy and being Productive.  I was stagnant making no Progress.  I needed to take a step backwards in order to move two steps forward.  Now through my Planning, I’m acquiring information, and learning with understanding so that I can Position myself as a “Changemaker.”

With this knowledge I definitely have the POWER to…make a difference.

Psalms 82:3-4



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