PROMOTING the show

ImageAlright, the first show is turned in and ready to air…Friday, October 19, 2012 at 10:30pm in Charlotte, NC…Channel 21 (Time Warner), Channel 99…menus (AT&T), Channel 25 (MI Connections)…on youtube and vimeo Friday.

Flyers, photoshoots, social media…work, work, work…I love it!!!

Leave your comments and show suggestions here…follow WHAT WOULD she DO? on twitter @WWsD_the show or look for me on facebook…Saran Almond.

First Episode: When he cheats…

Host: Saran Almond
Co-host: Camille DeVoe
Male Perspective: Marcus Epps

This show is definitely a conversation starter…We’re talking about cheating, the women being cheated on AND we ask the age old question…WHY…AND we get some answers.


One Reply to “PROMOTING the show”

  1. Great show but I pray that woman won’t buy what Marcus is trying to sell! I hope he watched the show and said to himself “I can’t believe I said that!” Because I don’t believe he said it with a straight face! Jay

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